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Worldwide Quality Assurance UK is licensed and accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ensure the continuance of its integrity and maintain its credibility with its clients.

Where UKAS operates the Government recognizes it as the sole national accreditation authority. UKAS accreditation is the means by which, in the public interest, the integrity and competence of independent evaluators, such as WQA UK, is declared. UKAS evaluates the evaluators and distinguishes competent ones by awarding the mark of accreditation (the royal crown). UKAS ensures guidance documents are available to enable it to conduct appropriate and consistent assessments of the evaluators to establish:

The impartiality of the evaluator.
The evaluator is technically competent to do the work in question.
The resources and facilities are appropriate and sufficient for the work.
The evaluator’s actual performance is to the required standard.
The evaluator is capable of sustaining the required level of performance.


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