Benefits of Certification

In today’s competitive business environment, effective management systems are indispensable. Companies want to be confident that they are doing business with an organization that can deliver goods and services in a timely manner and that meet their needs. But does the organization have the systems and infrastructure in place to conduct business effectively? Can it deliver what it promises?

The Value

A certified quality management system promotes, facilitates and enables consistency and improvements in a process or product. It provides a uniform and predictable output every time a set of procedures is executed. The result: a system that reduces cycle time and improves operational efficiency. Organizations that have achieved certification communicate to the market that they have successfully undergone a comprehensive, rigorous assessment and their process and organization meet defined standards of quality. It ensures that their systems have been adequately defined and corrective action systems are fully developed and functional, which reduces the need for costly conformance inspections. This ultimately instills trust and confidence in the organization’s customers and prospects, and reinforces a commitment to quality.

The Registrar

The value of certification to customers is evident, but the quality of the certificate is also important. All certificates are not equal. As more and more companies become certified, buyers are looking at the reputation of the registrar. WQA’s approach is one of a partnership. Our goal is to provide organizations with value-added services that result in a certification which is recognized and accepted by its customers and prospects. Some of the key areas to consider when evaluating a registrar include technical competencies, interpretation of the standards and overall philosophy. WQA is accredited by KAN for ISO 37001, which means we are required to undergo a rigorous review and audit process, similar to the certification process. Our auditor training is one of the most stringent training regimes in the business in order to ensure they provide top quality audits – every time. To ensure consistent interpretation, WQA assigns auditors and technical experts that are familiar with your industry sector and processes. As an accredited registrar, WQA has rules and requirements for auditor training and qualifications, industry experience, and methodology for the certification process. The registration process is not a product business. In fact, outside of the certificate itself, there is no physical product. So it comes down to a “people” business. WQA values our partnership with our clients and our goal is to be the customer’s first choice in everything we do. Our customers experience genuine personal care and the best service level in the industry. Customer care is an attitude we nourish through active listening and speedy delivery. Quality and continual improvement are essential in all the links in an organization’s production chain. WQA recognizes this and thus provides thorough audits of our customers’ business, and in turn, value-added benefits for their customers – you

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