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Use Logo Guide

How to Display The WQA Logo

The WQA logo is the symbol for organisations whose Management Systems have been assessed by WQA as fulfilling the requirements.

It is a valuable marketing tool to promote your overall organisation and service capability, and we encourage you to use it fully.


As a WQA registered firm you can :


  • Use the logo as designed by WQA
  • Use the logo on the following:

– Correspondence & Stationery (envelope, letter head, etc.)

– Name card

– Advertising and promotional material (brochure, agenda, calendar, etc.)

– Website

  • Use the logo on electronic media (e.g. the Internet) as long as safeguards are in place to prevent downloading
  • It is permissible to use words describing the registered firm status as long as it is clear that the management system has been accepted, not the product.
  • Use of any statement on product packaging or in accompanying information that the organization has a certified management system. Product packaging is considered as that which can be removed without the product disintegrating or being damaged.


 As a WQA registered firm you cannot :

  • Display the logo on a product, or its packaging. B. In many cases it is permissible for service companies to use the symbol on a medium which is seen by their customers but is not the product in itself, e.g. Credit Cards, Cheque Books.
  • Use the logo by certified clients to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.
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