Happy New Year !!! Let’s Make 2017 Better

Most of us will spend this end of year by escaping from work. We’ll play and laugh, relax with friends and family, do almost anything except “work.” But I hope you’ll also take a moment over the weekend to give thanks for the work you do.

Your work makes a contribution to this small planet. In some small way, each of us contributes our energy, our talent and our skill to making life better, and I suspect that’s how God intended it.

True work is one of life’s great privileges. Work is our chance to partner with God and complete the process of creation.He left a few things for us to work out, and we count that a great honor.

Every day, through our work, we get to invent and build and combine resources around us to create a world that our grandparents could not imagine.

Through “work” the Panama Canal was built. Through “work” the Mona Lisa was created. Through “work” Beethoven created beauty and humans visited the moon! Through “work” we have the internet, fine cigars and hot fudge sundaes! Because people went to work, we have modern medicine, and I count these as good things!

Let’s make 2017 better !!!

Source : Phillip H.


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